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Asia and Pacific Rim

ADM’s worldwide agricultural processing, trading and sales operations comprise wholly and jointly owned plants and sales offices located throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.

A key part of ADM’s Asia strategy today is our strategic ownership interest in Wilmar International Limited, Asia’s premiere agricultural processing business. Wilmar operates palm plantations; crushing facilities for various types of oilseeds; vegetable oil refineries and packaging facilities; plants that produce oleo chemicals, soy proteins and fertilizers; and multiple wheat and rice milling facilities.

In China, ADM operates animal feed pre-mix plants, sells food ingredients such as cocoa powder, lecithin and vitamin E and various acidulants as well as feed ingredients and additives including lysine and threonine. We also trade agricultural products – including those made from oilseeds and a variety of grains – through ADM (Shanghai) Trading Company Ltd.

In India, ADM’s principal business is the processing of oilseeds into edible oils, animal feeds and feed ingredients. We also market a range of ADM food ingredients to leading food manufacturers, provide animal nutrition products to poultry and dairy farmers, originate and trade corn and wheat, offer cargo services and warehousing facilities for businesses; and operate a training and incentive program to assist Indian farmers improve crop quality and increase yields We also produce and sell packaged oils under our own brands Health Fit? and Health Fit? and ParamparaTM that cater to household and institutional customers.

ADM Far East Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, offers a variety of products in Japan and other Asian markets including Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Throughout Asia, we market and transport grains, oils and animal feed.

In Australia, ADM’s main office is a sales and distribution center in Sydney. We market an extensive range of products, including proteins, acidulants, lecithin, gums, sorbitol, fats and oils and feed products.