Biopolis: Microbial Technologies & Food Ingredients

Biopolis is a leader in microbial biotechnology, microbiome and health with a strong food-ingredients portfolio that understands the current needs and challenges for today’s consumer. With over 15 years of R&D experience, our comprehensive and holistic vision spans across cell and molecular biology, microbiology, nutrition and metabolomics, bioprocess and genomics. Through R&D based in a series of harmonized research platforms, Biopolis can unparalleled expertise is in finding, designing, and developing microorganisms for industrial and health-related purposes. Our commitment to quality, excellence and pushing boundaries at every stage of product development sets us apart.



Aiding in digestive health and boosting the immune system are just two of the numerous benefits that probiotics provide. Our capabilities cover the entire process from beginning to end in developing new strains of probiotics in conventional, function and probiotic blends. We pride ourselves on working with our partners to develop the appropriate product for the desired end result, using methods that cover the whole process including: discovery, evaluation, upscaling and production.

Functional Ingredients

We develop proprietary functional ingredients and help our partners generate their own. Our tailored research uses the Caenorhabditis elegans preclinical model supported by in vitro assays for the evaluation of functional food and pharmaceutical active ingredients. We can target obesity, diabetes, ageing, neurodegenerative disease, cognitive function, immune boosting and more.

Cell Factories

Combining our specialized knowledge in microbial strain and bioprocess design and development, we provide integrated solutions for the development of bio-based ingredients and specialty chemicals. Our solutions go all the way through the production plant – including fermentation and downstream set-up and optimization. We partner with our clients to find the most cost-effective path forward – and the proof is in the numbers.

We’ve developed more than 100 biomolecules for our clients, always taking into account from the very beginning the required specifications for the intended commercial product.

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